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11 June 2008 @ 01:21 pm
    "I believe in questioning authority, and respecting all elders. I believe serenity can exist in the midst of absolute chaos. I believe that shopping malls were invented by the pharmaceutical companies that make anti-depressants. I believe that fruit is life's best dessert, and that apples really do keep the doctor away. I believe that every wish is heard, and every dream is possible.
   I believe I can make a difference if only I could sit down, ask them to listen, tell them the truth. I would allow the whole world to lay their head onto my shoulders and cry. I would need 127,459 boxes of tissue for all the planet's tears. The crying will last two days, and oceans of tears will cover the earth. But on the third day, the sun will shine so bright that the water in each ones eye will dry and a smile will shatter the somber look on their faces. Their despair and sadness will be gone forever; now that they know the truth, they are finally free. They can go, run, live; now they truly understand what happiness is all about; why life matters. I believe all life matters.
    I believe that it is an inevitable law of physics that you will wait at the doctors, and that it will always hurt when they say it won't. I believe that there is no flu shot available that can compare to a soft bed, warm soup, and hot tea. I believe that the gingerbread man cookies come alive at night and rearrange my spice rack. I believe that dreams are short films of the future." - Lindsey Von Kleist "I Believe"
vanity_ruinsvanity_ruins on June 14th, 2008 12:34 am (UTC)
This is beautiful. Thanks.